Fifty Shades of….Citrus at Flagstaff Lodge!

No shades of grey here – our very own oranges and lemons!

We’ve all read the books this Winter, but Spring is now here and we’ve been cracking the whip! We have just had a luscious time using our first crop of wonderfully sharp Seville oranges and gorgeously fragrant Meyer lemons.  Marmalade fans will know that dominantly tart Seville oranges make the best marmalade in preference to their sweeter, more submissive Navel cousins!  The fruits of our labour has resulted in a delicious Orange and Ginger Marmalade which is just perfect on Ruthie’s home-made granary bread.  Our Meyer lemons will make an appearance in our classic Lemon Cordial later in the summer but this first crop has gone into a delicate Meyer Lemon and Vanilla Bean marmalade which is the perfect, and fully consenting, companion to Ruthie’s decadent coconut bread French Toast served with caramelised banana. Don’t delay gratification any longer – choose one of our Spring packages and start dreaming…….. of a truly sexy breakfast!