Our Environmental Statement

We believe in protecting the beautiful environment of the Bay of Islands and want to ensure that future generations can visit and enjoy it too. To this end, we’ve developed an environmental plan.

Energy Efficiency
We are reducing our demand on energy by:

  • Offering a towel re-use policy which ensures we are helping the environment by reducing energy and water use.
  • Buying local produce where possible to reduce transport emissions.
  • Using efficient underfloor heating in bathrooms and heat pumps in rooms.
  • Using low-energy light bulbs where possible.
  • Using energy-efficient timers on exterior lighting/motion sensor equipment.

Waste Reduction
We are reducing our waste by:

  • Giving guests the opportunity to recycle rubbish.
  • Reducing the amount of waste going to landfill by separating it for recycling.
  • Not printing unnecessary email.
  • Increasingly buying from producers who offer environmentally-friendly packaging

Water Conservation
We are conserving water by:

  • Collecting rainwater and treating it with UVF light (chemical-free)
  • Using only water-efficient washing machines/dishwashers.
  • Installing dual-flush toilets.
  • Regulating garden watering by use of sensible planting practice and manual watering.

Pollution Reduction
We are reducing pollution by:

  • Increasingly using biodegradable or non-toxic cleaning products.
  • Noise-insulating our premises.
  • Using only natural toiletry products.
  • Sourcing our materials from local or Fair Trade producers.
  • Sending batteries and fluorescent bulbs for recycling/safe disposal.

Wise Purchasing and Conservation
We participate in a wise purchasing programme/ supporting wildlife conservation by:

  • Planting trees and shrubs which are native to this area and/or drought resistant in order to encourage bird life and reduce the need for extra watering.
  • Ensuring the majority our furniture is made from recycled or renewable sources.
  • Supporting regeneration of native New Zealand forests/wildlife conservation by supporting The Guardians of the Bay of Islands charity.
  • Purchasing as locally as possible, which helps reduce carbon emissions from transport.

Community Participation
We understand that we’re part of our local community and participate in it by:

  • Maintaining the Lodge in a style which is sympathetic to its historic context.
  • Donating supplementary products or furniture to local charities/schools.
  • Buying locally produced quality art/craft/product where possible.
  • Offering employment/career opportunities to local residents first, if possible.
  • Offering career development to staff through industry training initiatives.
  • Co-operating and interacting with our local community by membership of local networks and promoting Russell in our advertising.
  • Training our staff to commit to our environmental practices.